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Cannabis Compliance Solutions for Your Business


Reliance Compliance LLC provides affordable legal compliance solutions to the cannabis industry. We are compliance experts with the resources and experience to help your organization navigate the cannabis legal framework, maintain compliance through every transition, and Safeguard Your Success. With over 6 years of cannabis compliance experience in Colorado, our founder has performed literally hundreds of Audits and Inspections for dispensaries, marijuana infused product facilities and cultivation operations. When regulations change, Reliance Compliance LLC provides our clients immediate legal updates and easy to use compliance checklists that help you operate with complete compliance.

Rebecca Ray

Rebecca Ray

Let Reliance Compliance Safeguard Your Success

Rebecca is an industry expert having specialized in cannabis compliance since 2014 when Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry began. During her time in cannabis compliance, she developed the slogan “Safeguard Your Success”. Rebecca created Reliance Compliance to provide comprehensive cannabis compliance solutions to the industry. Reliance Compliance navigates the labyrinth of cannabis rules and regulations and explains them in practical and understandable ways.

In January 2014, Rebecca worked for the CEO of a multi-million dollar cannabis dispensary and cultivation company. In that role, Rebecca managed eighty employees and was in charge of compliance for seven cannabis licenses, including retail dispensaries and cultivation licenses. Rebecca coordinated all facility inspections, adopted remedial compliance programs and ensured compliance with all state and local statutes and MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) regulations. These opportunities allowed Rebecca to become an industry leader in the arena of regulatory compliance and cannabis operations.

In January 2016, Rebecca obtained her Paralegal Certification from the University of Colorado which gave her even more legal skills necessary to become a compliance expert. In January 2016, she became a Compliance Officer and Paralegal at Native Roots, one of the largest cannabis companies in the country. She was in charge of all field compliance for 26 plus compliant facilities, which included facility inspections and employee compliance training. She was also in charge of all packaging and labeling compliance and required to develop company procedures and checklists for inspections. In 2018, she assisted with Canadian expansion and became familiar with Canadian cannabis regulations.

Rebecca has performed hundreds of store, MIP and cultivation inspections. She developed industry leading standards, procedures and checklists which she employs during the inspection process to ensure your company remains compliant with all cannabis laws. Rebecca also has experience developing best practices and company policies when no rule or regulation addresses a specific issue. Given the relative infancy of cannabis regulation, a compliance expert is frequently faced with developing best practices because the law may not address an issue. Reliance Compliance has developed and implemented company wide best practices for cannabis compliance. Reliance Compliance also has extensive experience drafting and enforcing Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs.

Rebecca founded Reliance Compliance to meet the ever-changing needs of the cannabis industry. The breadth of her experience across a business and legal background, combined with her hands-on work ethic and pragmatic approach, provides her clients with an unmatched level of expertise and guidance. Rebecca delivers the knowledge, agility, and passion needed to help organizations thrive in this constantly evolving and dynamic industry.

Let Reliance Compliance Safeguard Your Success.

Reliance Compliance is offering a free in-person or virtual comprehensive compliance assessment that includes;

  • Full facility audit of a Cultivation, MIP or Store
  • All legal regulations reviewed, including federal, state and local laws
  • Supplemental Audits
  • Public Health and Fire Code audits
  • Packaging and Labeling compliance check of the product or package of your choice

A detailed report of the inspection results will be provided to you and if any violations are discovered, we will provide a corrective action plan. If a virtual inspection is preferred due to social distancing measures, Reliance Compliance can perform it via video using the Virtual Inspection Program. If your facility does not have internet coverage, Reliance Compliance can provide you with a checklist for the most critical violations and schedule the complete assessment at a later date. Call today to schedule your in-person or virtual inspection!

Reliance Compliance LLC will “Safeguard Your Success” by helping you navigate complex cannabis regulations with ease.

Contact Us Today to Safeguard Your Success!