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Product Development

Product Development

We offer in-depth consultations for new and existing cannabis products and have a proven track record of navigating through the strict regulations and successfully (and compliantly) leading cannabis products to market.

New Products: Starting with a concept? Let the experts at Reliance Compliance walk you through the necessary steps to bring your vision to the shelves of a local dispensary. We’re experts in creating action plans that outline all legal cannabis requirements, including; dosing, required symbols, shelf stability approvals, source approvals, prohibited shapes, prohibited language, and required language.

Existing Products: Are you curious whether your existing cannabis product complies with the most current regulations? Reliance Compliance will perform a full inspection of the cannabis product from package to label, and all of the nitty-gritty requirements in between.

Source Verification: Do your ingredients come from a trusted source? Can you verify each step in the chain of custody of your cannabis product ingredients? Are your ingredients safe for human consumption? Reliance Compliance can verify the sources of your ingredients to ensure the chain of custody is intact. Some examples include: THC approvals, Industrial Hemp Product approvals, CBD/CBN/CBG approvals and food ingredient approvals.

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