Cannabis Audits and Inspections |
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Cannabis Audits and Inspections

Cannabis Audits and Inspections

Safeguard Your Success with Industry-Leading Cannabis Inspections

Virtual and In-Person Cannabis Audits and Inspection Services: We verify your cannabis compliance obligations are complete with a comprehensive assessment and evaluation.

      • Checklist verification that all aspects of your marijuana business meets and maintains daily compliance obligations
      • On-going compliance check-ins to keep pace with the hundreds of constantly changing laws and regulations
      • Comprehensive preparation guidance for government inspections
      • Navigating and meeting audit requirements from financial institutions
      • Agile compliance strategy development and implementation to ensure you maintain compliant business during times of social distancing.
      • Video conference inspections — extensive assessments and detailed reports without ever physically entering your facility
      • Creating a culture of compliance throughout your organization with routine inspections

Cannabis Facility Inspections: Reliance Compliance has performed over 750 cannabis facility audits ranging from retail and medical dispensaries, cultivation operations, and manufacturing infused product facilities. Our range of experience built the foundation for our industry-leading facility inspection practices and offerings. What we offer:

      • Extensive facility compliance checklists covering every cannabis statute and rule
      • Industry-leading cannabis compliance software to quickly identify areas of non-compliance and sources of legal liability
      • Comprehensive post-inspection reports identify all violations, suggest resolutions, and map a detailed action plan to correct any flaws efficiently and effectively

Packaging and Labeling Inspections: Our distinguished packaging and labeling checklists combine years of insight gained from thousands of SKU approvals and are built to ensure each product for sale adheres to all packaging, labeling, advertising, and food safety regulations. What we offer:

      • Approval checklist development and implementation to streamline packaging and labeling compliance process
      • Packaging and Labeling training programs and custom-created resource materials

Government Inspections: Knowledge and resources to endure all government inspections; such fire, health, building, and police inspections. We’ve customized best practices and specific checklists to ensure you pass fire, health, building code, and police audits and inspections. Our long history and hands-on experience working with government inspectors facilitates smooth and compliant cannabis inspections for our clients.

      • Preparation tactics and mock-inspection services to identify and correct all potential violations and issues requiring corrective action. Discover a violation before your inspectors.
      • On-going check-ins to ensure consistency and up-keep across your organization

Business Record and Patient File Inspections: Rely on us to perform cannabis business record and patient record inspections.

      • Organization and best practices for business and patient records
      • Establishing record retention procedures required for marijuana facilities

Pre-inspection Services: Pre-inspections are a proactive way to ensure you comply with all regulations before an inspector sets foot in your facility. Inspectors appreciate the proactive desire to maintain the highest standards. These early efforts build trusting relationships with regulators and foster a culture of compliance at your cannabis company.

      • Detailed insight on sticking points that often lead to failed inspections
      • Prepare your teams for the actual inspection and develop proper inspection procedures
      • Mock inspections mimic the exact process, identifying issues, and providing the opportunity to ask questions and make improvements in advance
      • Custom-built training programs to enhance compliance knowledge and understanding, helping teams develop routines and strengthen their habits

Investor Related or Acquisition Based Inspections: For investors or those considering investing or acquiring a cannabis company, compliance due diligence is critical. Partner with us to consistently review all aspects of your cannabis business and protect your investment.

      • Pre-vetting of your cannabis investments and on-going upkeep reviews
      • Inspections to identify issues or prior license violations that have the potential to dramatically impact your ROI and future projects
      • Let us prepare Colorado Open Records Act requests

Targeted Compliance Reviews: One business decision can alter your adherence to compliance. If you are modifying an element of your cannabis business or planning a change in your marketing campaign, let us first perform a deep dive into that targeted area of compliance. After our researched review we provide a clear roadmap of how to navigate changes without sacrificing your level of compliance. Examples of targeted compliance categories include; Advertising, Inventory, Business Record, ID Checking Procedures, Customer Check-In, Signage, Patient Files, Surveillance, Reporting Requirements, and many more.

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