COVID-19 and Colorado Regulated Marijuana Businesses – What You Need To Know Now |
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COVID-19 and Colorado Regulated Marijuana Businesses – What You Need To Know Now

The global pandemic COVID-19 has created a new challenge for the Marijuana Industry. The MED and various Colorado agencies have issued orders and emergency rules to guide business in operation during this time. Reliance Compliance understands that it is of utmost importance to protect employees and customers while providing an essential service to the community. Here is the information that you need to know now to maintain compliant operations. 

  • Required Compliance with Executive Orders and Public Health Orders
    • All licensees are required to comply with all emergency rule adoptions
  • Temporary modifications of the Licensed Premises Permitted
  • Limited Gaming Licenses Permitted to Temporarily Work in Regulated Marijuana Businesses
  • Social Distancing Measures Required
  • Transactions Outside the Restricted Access Area – Curb-Side Pick Up Allowances and Requirements
  • Requirements for Orders Placed Over the Phone and on the Internet


Any violation of these emergency rules is a public health violation. Public health violations carry the heftiest fines and license penalties. Reliance Compliance has provided a summary and verification checklist for use in dispensaries, MIPs and cultivations, linked below. We are committed to helping stakeholders understand and navigate the complex world of marijuana regulations. In times like this, rely on Reliance Compliance to be your compliance partner.  We will Safeguard Your Success.


Here is a summary of the Covid 19 Emergency Rules for Colorado:

Emergency Rule Adoption Summary


Here are the Covid 19 Compliance Checklists to ensure you are operating compliantly:

Store Checklist

MIP/Cultivation Checklist