June 2020 Newsletter |
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June 2020 Newsletter

Colorado MED Emergency Rule Adoption June 5, 2020

Another MED emergency rule adoption occurred on June 5, 2020. Please see the newest version of the rule summary linked in the button below.  Reliance Compliance LLC creates summaries for all emergency rule adoptions, rule changes, industry bulletins and compliance tips. Trust Reliance Compliance LLC to be your source for timely rule updates and summaries. 

Emergency Rule Adoption Summary


COVID-19 and Emergency Preparedness SOPs:

 Are your emergency preparedness Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) updated with the following?

  • social distancing guidelines
  • enhanced  health/sanitization guidelines for enhanced deep cleaning
  • MED requirements to follow Executive Orders/Public Health Orders
  • MED emergency accommodations           

From pandemic preparedness to emergency evacuation plans, Reliance Compliance LLC can assist your cannabis business in the creation and maintenance of emergency preparedness SOPs. Having detailed and updated SOPs in place now is more important than ever. Training and educating your staff on these SOPs will streamline operations, increase trust and reaction time in the event of an actual emergency. 

Call 303-588-4866 today for creation or review of your cannabis businesses emergency preparedness SOPs!


New Colorado MED Requirements for Industrial Hemp Products:

Starting July 1, 2020 a Medical/Retail Store and a Medical/Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturer may only sell or use Industrial Hemp Products (“IHP”) if:

  • The IHP vendor is registered with the CDPHE; 
  • The IHP vendor appears on the CDPHE Approved Sources list; and
  • The IHP must pass all required testing including;
    • potency
    • microbial contaminant
    • residual solvent contaminant, if a solvent was used in the manufacturing process
    • metals contaminant

*The sale, processing or acceptance of Industrial Hemp Plant material is prohibited.

Industrial Hemp Products – Compliance Tip Summary


Industrial Hemp Product Vetting Process:

Does your cannabis business have an established process for approving Industrial Hemp Products? Reliance Compliance LLC has an established vetting process for Industrial Hemp Products. We can explain the legal requirements and our established best practices. We can gather and organize CDPHE registrations, Department of Agriculture registrations, certificates of analysis, shelf stability studies, food grade certifications for ingredients, verify that the vendor is on the approved sources list and identify possible health and benefit claim risks on product labels.

Keeping organized records for your Industrial Hemp Products is important during health inspections. For example, the City of Denver requires a documented shelf stability study for all consumable liquid products, including drinks and tinctures. Avoid product holds and costly destructions by calling Reliance Compliance LLC today for an Industrial Hemp Product approval consultation. 

Call Rebecca Ray at 303-588-4866 or email at rebecca@rcomply.com to discuss your Industrial Hemp Product vetting needs.